just a few more plants to place then maybe i will be done. c:

i had so much fun drawing this last night! <3 i must draw it on paper for my smashbook! c:

i really wanted to write this last night, i’ve had the pics waiting for about 2 weeks.. part 2 might take a while, because i’m a bit short on time.. but i hope you don’t mind the wait, cause it will be worth it. <3

Tilly Tart Frosting, Chapter 7 pt.1

whitsims whispered: Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

that would be my Kobi, ~he’s very spoiled..
1.  Kobi felt misplaced in Twizzlerbrook until he met Miss Marigold, Sahara.
2.  Having another baby with Sahara would make him so happy, he’s always begging her..
3.  he is a light sleeper but having Sahara there makes it easier for him to get sleep.
4.  Kobi has lots of siblings but Anastasia was always his favorite, he misses her with all his heart.
5.  he prefers not to wear shoes and doesn’t understand how his wife wears high heels everyday. every time he see’s her she’s wearing different heels.. he loves the feeling of bare feet on sand.

After this special we will get back to Tilly! <3 I really need to update my family tree now too! hehe

Welcome to Earth Lizzette, plus newborn.

what i’ve got drawn so far, for my smashbook. i’ve just gotta cut all them out and draw more. c:
some are colored with colored pencils and some are with acrylic paint.

Anonymous whispered: I have a problem. I have "master controller cheats" and the base one, but every time i want to change the hair of a sim with a mirror, CAS opens normally and appears a message "script error SetHairTypeCategory" and so i can't see any hair. The worst thing is that if i go back to play, on the little faces of the sims in the household, appears the sector where there'd be the hair in CAS (but without hair, like it's empty) and so i can't click anything under it. Do you know what i could do?

I’ve never had any issues like this with Master Controller. not sure what to tell you. perhaps check your patch level by opening your launcher and looking at the bottom left corner where there are numbers, and make sure you got the right mod version? if that doesn’t work or help, perhaps you have some other mod conflicting with it. sorry i couldn’t be more helpful. <3

Lue is still pregnant.