two plumbots i made today! c:

Anonymous whispered: Quick question, in your May We Dance Poses, what kinda dress is your female sim wearing? I really like it.

it is Sakura Sims, Mini Dress 06. <3

Orbit Beach House, by risastorm. this was loads of fun to draw, i didn’t want to stop working on it! i mixed Orbit Beach and Alien Acres.

this update took quite a while, sorry about that! <3 in other news i will be leaving in the middle of next week and i won’t be back until August 4th or 5th! gonna try to get part 2 done before then, and fill up my queue with some simmy pics!

Tilly Frosting, Chapter 9 pt.1

after i finish up Tillys next chapter which i am writing it right now. i think i will reinstall my sims 2.

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.May We Dance Poses.
-not compatible with poselist-
Here have some cute poses! i thought i would share these cause i have not seen many new cute couple poses for months now.. .-.

Pose names~




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