Gemini Frosting

Excitable | Genius (I think?)

Aww Gemini is a cutie!!~

Octavio’s Parents, Rhett & Gwen Kintey.

Rhett Kintey & his first wife Fiona. 

Bristle you are too silly!

Alyla & Cueue, previous Queen & King of Tinar.

thank you alfalfalegacy for making Mar for Ayleen, she loves him!

the castle on tinar.

#risa rambles

there’s not a frosting update today, i took a little break this week.

anyway i had a dream last night that just sparked an idea that involves Kobi and going back to the time when he and his family was living with Plum in Sunflowers Chapter 7. hopefully the library files i found on my 4share are Plums house, if not i may have to rebuild it. i can’t seem to find any of my saves from Sunny’s gen.

i hope everyone is having a great Friday! <3

Pinkie Pie, by Risastorm. I really wanted to draw Pinkie today, so happy i did!