here’s a frosting update!~
i’m turning my monster high doll Abbey into Una Lizzelle, Tilly’s twin sister! c: i am sewing a big dress! it seemed right since i have so much pretty purple and pink fabric laying around! i’m can’t wait until she’s all done!! i just don’t know how exactly i will make her antennas.

Tilly Frosting, Chapter 11 Pt.1

when i saw those uggs in the sims 4 demo i knew i had to make Meadow Thayer from the sims 2!

selfie sunday under the cut, because i am shy.

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those girls are so adorable!! <3

my frosting legacy is getting so close to being done. i’m not sure how many more chapters there will be, but it’s getting close! u.u,
feel free to comment on my chapters if you read them, i don’t bite! <3
anyway i hope you like my chapter~

Tilly Frosting, Chapter 10 pt.2